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Flag It

Flag It (Home Literacy Card)

Vocabulary Grades 1-5



Ten Minute Talks: Spelling

Grades 1-5

Share spelling strategies with parents in a matter of minutes with the Ten Minute Talks Spelling mini workshop. The easy to follow script and slideshow included on the CD allows schools to take advantage of "teachable moments" at school performances, family engagement activities or even PTO/PTA meetings. This kit also includes 50 parent brochures to ensure parents effectively replicate the spelling strategies at home with their children.

Parents will learn strategies to use when their child has difficulty:


Watch for Signs

Watch for Signs (Home Literacy Card)

Fluency Grades 2-5

The Watch for Signs Home Literacy card provides parents with three simple, step-by-step strategies to use with their children to model, guide and enhance reading fluency. During a parent-teacher conference or literacy workshop, teachers can show parents how to easily incorporate the strategies during reading time at home. This card can also be sent home through take-home literacy packs.

Parents will learn to help their children:


Benjamin Bradley Benton

Benjamin Bradley Benton (Children's Book)

Benjamin Bradley Benton wonders why he has ten wiggly fingers and ten wiggly toes; why his nose turns red when he is sick or when it snows. In Benjamin’s world, curiosity rules. And in sharing his wonder, we learn more about ourselves, others and our world.