Go Bananas with Rising Kinders

For an easily adapted kindergarten orientation, share banana split toppings and a book filled with kindergarten readiness strategies “dished out” by teachers positioned at social distancing stations. This Empowering Families product pair is the perfect recipe for welcoming rising kindergarten children and assisting parents with reading and math readiness skills during read aloud time with their children.

Contains 25 storybooks

Type: Download/Shipped help

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No matter how you slice it…banana splits are oh so yummy. And the cherry on top — families go home with an engaging storybook filled with literacy and math strategies for parents to incorporate when reading with their child.

Banana Split Bash Digital Download Includes:

  • Invitation and Reminder (English & Spanish)
  • Sign-In
  • Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)

Benjamin Bradley Benton Kindergarten Classroom Set Includes: 

A set of 25 Benjamin Bradley Benton storybooks (shipped separately)

Benjamin Bradley Benton storybook uses the Word Wizard and Cosmic Connections strategy symbols within the story for parents to assist their children with developing vocabulary and strengthen comprehension each time they read aloud.

  • Word Wizard: Targets unfamiliar words or words with more than one meaning
  • Cosmic Connections: Focuses on making meaningful connections with a story based on prior knowledge or experiences

2 pages of additional activities are included at the back of the book.

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