Parent Impact

Laura Beaver  |  November 10, 2020

Categories: Effective Strategies, Family Engagement, Parent Handouts, Parent Involvement, Reading Strategies

The socioeconomic level or cultural background of a home need not determine how well a child does at school…It is what parents do in the home rather than their status that is important.”

Family Involvement: A Key Ingredient in Children’s Reading Success
Laura J. Colker Ed. D. 

Now more than ever, it is critical for our families to understand how to use the same strategies teachers use on a daily basis to help children grow as readers. Regardless of income or education, we can’t assume families know or don’t know how to aid in their children’s learning. 

Whether you go all out and host a family engagement event to model strategies with your families or simply send home written directions, parents need tools to better support their children and develop reading skills.

An easy way to equip your families is to use our ready-made strategy handouts. These easy-to-implement handouts are written in parent-friendly terms to ensure families will not be overwhelmed.

From comprehension and fluency to sight words and more, our resources are cost efficient,  research-based, and teacher approved. As an added bonus, these resources can be used with any book in the home. Together we can empower parents from all walks of life.


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