Spelling 10 Minute Talks Workshop

Use this short 10-minute workshop to turn any school event into a teachable moment! The Spelling 10 Minute Talks Workshop is a mini-workshop designed to teach busy parents how to improve and practice their child’s spelling. Educators simply follow the presenter’s script and share the accompanying presentation to share simple strategies, fun activities, and parent tips. Download also includes parent evaluations and sign-in sheets for documentation. Each family will walk away with a printed Spelling 10 Minute Talks Handout to ensure the strategies modeled can be effectively implemented at home.

Contains Digital Download Components; plus 25 Handouts (shipped separately)

Type: Download/Shipped help

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During this short 10-minute workshop, parents will learn strategies to use when their child has difficulty:

  • Learning to spell an entire word
  • Remembering how to spell a specific part of a word
  • Retaining the spelling of a word over time
Spelling 10 Minute Talks Workshop includes:
  • Print Component (shipped separately):
    • 25 Spelling 10 Minute Talks Handouts
  • Digital Download Components:
    • Workshop Overview
    • Presenter’s Script and Presentation Slideshow
    • Sign-In Sheet
    • Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)




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