Storytime Strategies Comprehension Handout (PreK – K)

Take advantage of every opportunity to send home research-based, parent-friendly strategies to connect home and school and empower families. The StoryTime Strategies Handout teaches parents to use the Picture Talk, Chime Time, and Tell it Again strategies before, during, and after reading a story as they help their children develop critical early literacy skills.

Contains 25 Handouts

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The Story Time Strategies Handout is designed to make it easy for teachers to share research-based reading strategies in a parent-friendly format with no planning required! This card can be shared with parents during a literacy workshop, parent-teacher conference, or family engagement event. Handouts work great with take home backpack programs too.

Parents learn how to help their children:

  • Make predictions about events in the story
  • Develop phonological awareness and listening comprehension skills
  • Strengthen comprehension and develop story sense

Set of 25 Story Time Strategies Handouts

Our StoryTime Strategies Comprehension Workshop (PreK-K) supports the strategies on this handout.

Available in English and Spanish

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