3rd-5th Grade Summer Reading Journals

Prevent the “summer slide” and keep children actively reading, thinking, and learning all summer with the 3rd-5th Grade Summer Reading Journal! Supporting state standards, the interactive 3rd-5th Grade journal develops comprehension skills, motivates children, and improves family engagement. Full-color activity pages are designed with engaging thematic graphics and cool characters to elicit giggles and, more importantly, entice children to complete each task in response to the text that was read. Along with tools to help their children select reading goals, determine rewards, and log success, families are also provided with a tear-out foldable game allowing them to play and learn together.

Contains 10 Journals

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This 3rd-5th Grade Summer Reading Journal is designed specifically to motivate fluent readers and engage them with unique activity pages that can be used with books schools send home, summer backpack initiatives, or any book in the home.

Set of 10 Journals


Far more than just encouraging summer reading, this journal uses multiple avenues to develop comprehension skills.

  • Provides a variety of comprehension activities for students to complete using fiction books, nonfiction books, and even a favorite TV show.
  • Utilizes graphic organizers, written response, drawing, short answers, list making, and more…satisfying each child’s unique learning style
  • Supports English Language Arts Standards


An integral part of this summer reading journal motivates young readers.

  • Three level options enable students to set realistic and attainable reading goals
  • Full-color activity pages designed with engaging thematic graphics intrigue children and entice them to complete each task
  • Cool characters throughout the journal provide humor and elicit giggles while students respond to text that has just been read


Through questions and activities that require the student to interact with the text, families have more meaningful conversations that lead to deeper learning.

  • Families work together to help children select reading goals, choose rewards, and log success
  • A tear-out foldable guides families to use higher order thinking questions with any fiction book their child reads

16 full-color, interactive pages

Our 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Anytime Anywhere Parent Handouts support this journal nicely.

Available in English and Spanish

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