Flag It! Vocabulary Handouts

Take advantage of every opportunity to send home research-based, parent-friendly strategies to connect home and school and empower families. The Flag It! Vocabulary handout teaches parents to use step-by-step strategies to expand their children’s vocabulary development of unfamiliar words, words with multiple meanings, or figurative language.

Contains 25 Handouts (Includes 2 clips/handout)


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The Flag It! Vocabulary Handout is designed to make it easy for teachers to share research-based reading strategies in a parent-friendly format with no planning required! This card can be shared with parents during a literacy workshop, parent-teacher conference, or family engagement event. Handouts work great with take home backpack programs too.

Parents will help their children figure out the meanings of :

  • Unfamiliar words
  • Words with multiple meanings
  • Figures of speech/”sayings” or figurative language

The Flag It clips included with each card enable independent readers to self-monitor and later “check” their understanding of the text being read through discussions with their parents.

Set of 25 Flag It! Handouts (Includes 2 clips/handout)

Available in English and Spanish

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