Bingo For Books Fun Event Deluxe

BINGO… the game anyone can play and everyone enjoys. Bingo For Books Fun Event Deluxe provides all the information needed to plan, organize, and manage this family fun event so that everyone walks away a winner! Most importantly, each family receives the best prize of all… a wonderful book to read time and time again to keep parents and children engaged at home.

Type: Download (Single-Use)help

ITEM 33402FD



No matter the age, everyone’s a winner at the game of Bingo especially when books are the prize!

Digital Download Includes:
  • Invitation and Reminder (English & Spanish)
  • Sign-In
  • Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)
  • Planning and Organization tools for before, during, and after the event
  • Decorations and Refreshments ideas
  • Advertising and Community Outreach ideas

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