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Home Literacy Cards

Watch for Signs

Watch for Signs (Home Literacy Card)

Fluency Grades 2-5

The Watch for Signs Home Literacy card provides parents with three simple, step-by-step strategies to use with their children to model, guide and enhance reading fluency. During a parent-teacher conference or literacy workshop, teachers can show parents how to easily incorporate the strategies during reading time at home. This card can also be sent home through take-home literacy packs.

Parents will learn to help their children:


Flag It

Flag It (Home Literacy Card)

Vocabulary Grades 1-5


Take Time to Think

Take Time to Think (Home Literacy Card)

Comprehension Grades 1-2


Story Time Strategies

Story Time Strategies (Home Literacy Card)

Comprehension Grades PreK- Kindergarten


Champion of Chapters

Champion of Chapters (Home Literacy Card)

Comprehension Grades 3-5