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TAG... You're It! - PreK



TAG... You're It!


TAG...You’re It! Pre-K kits allow schools to easily keep parents engaged in their child’s academic development all year long. Kick-off the TAG…You’re It! family engagement initiative with the included video that explains the initiative while motivating families to become part of their child’s learning “team.” Throughout the year, teachers choose from a literacy, math or STEM TAG…You’re It! card to send home to parents that correlates with classroom instruction. Families then incorporate the  parent-friendly strategy described on the TAG...You’re It! card while reading a book, during playtime both in and outside, when using technology and even while out and about in the car. The kit also includes reminders to add to newsletters, emails, social media and automated calling system messages to further create a sense of shared responsibility between home and school.

Kit Includes:
• TAG... You're It! Program CD
  Introductory Video & Yearlong Media Blurbs
• Classroom Set of TAG cards (Bilingual - 8 sets of 25)
• Classroom Set of Header TAG cards (Bilingual - 1 set of 25)
• 25 Loose Leaf Metal Rings