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Parent Engagement Training
Parent Engagement Training

Perfectly Planned Parent Events


Perfectly Planned Parent Events training empowers teachers with the resources they need to connect learning in the classroom to learning at home. Educational consultants, Laura Beaver and Jill Nolen, help schools analyze their parent events and use parental involvement research as a tool to increase student performance. Highlighting easy-to-implement strategies and techniques, participants will develop parent events that engage hard-to-reach parents and enhance the learning of their students. 

Topics Include:
• Research-based Elements of Successful Parent
  Involvement Events
• Understanding the School Population:  Connecting with All
  Social Classes
• Communicating with Parents:  Written, Verbal, &
  Non-Verbal Communication
• Increasing Parental Attendance:  Marketing & Advertising
  Techniques that Work
• Linking Events to Learning:  Taking Advantage of
  Teachable Moments
• Sharing Effective Strategies with Parents in a
  Parent-Friendly Format
• School-wide Parent Event Analysis


Consultants work with teachers to develop a yearlong parental involvement action plan.  Working in small groups, participants and consultants select reading strategies to share with parents. Plus, they create engaging parent events tailored to fit each school’s specific needs (school-wide events and/or grade-specific events). From invitations to eye-catching decorations, every detail is finalized before the end of the day. Teachers will implement a yearlong plan for customized parent involvement that is guaranteed to empower parents and improve student learning.  

Target Audience:
• Classroom Teachers (PreK-Grade 6)
• Principals
• Title 1 Teachers
• Title 1 Coordinators and Directors
• Parent Involvement Coordinators
• Reading Coachers and Curriculum Coordinators
• Parent Liasons

Presentation Fee:
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