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Sight Words to the Rescue App


Sight Words to the Rescue is an engaging, multisensory educational game for elementary children (Grades K-5) based on proven educational strategies that help children:
• Automatically recognize sight words
• Iincrease fluency and accuracy of reading sight words
• Improve the ability to spell sight words correctly
The 4 GAMES MODE included are:
“Captain Confusion” has overloaded the reactor and destroyed the control panel. Hurry to find and drag the correct fuse (sight word) to the socket on the control panel before time runs out and the city is destroyed.

2. Word Smash
The evil “Letter Getter” is destroying all of the sight words with his powerful “kryptonite” balls. Quickly tap the correct letter to rebuild the word that this evil villain has exploded.

3. Laser Vision
Help save the city from destruction as the evil “Destructo” drops explosive sight words from his helicopter high in the sky. With a quick tap on the correct word, your superhero uses his laser vision to zap the powerful words out of the sky.

4. In a Single Bound
Energize the “Rad Reader” so he can jump over a building in a single bound. Just tap on the correct sight word to fill in all the windows in the building. Once all windows are lit, watch your superhero leap for joy over the enormous building!

• 4 highly interactive games that include 5 levels of difficulty
• 6 leveled word lists with 100 words per list that increase in difficulty
• Combination of Dolch & Fry words recommended by Tim Rasinski,
renowned literacy professor and reading researcher
• Games require mastery to move from one level to the next

Each game:
• Improves accuracy and increases speed of word recognition
• Enables children to learn by sight, sound and touch
• Engages children with encouraging superheroes and challenging villains
• Motivates with captivating games, sounds and animations
• Supports 6 word lists and 5 levels of difficulty

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Or, just purchase a single game mode or the expanded sight words library for only $0.99/each!