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Sight Words


Ten Minute Talks: Sight Words

Grades K-5

Share sight words strategies with parents in a matter of minutes with the Ten Minute Talks Sight Words mini workshop. The easy to follow script and slideshow included on the CD allows schools to take advantage of "teachable moments" at school performances, family engagement activities or even PTO/PTA meetings. This kit also includes 50 Home Learning Cards to ensure parents effectively replicate the sight words strategies at home with their children.

Parents will learn strategies to help their child:

  • Improve sight word vocabulary
  • Increase sight word phrase fluency
  • Use fun games and activities to make learning sight words more engaging and effective

Workshop Kit Includes:
• Workshop Overview
• Presenter’s Script
• Workshop Slideshow
• Sign-In Sheet
• Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)
• Sight Word Cards (Printable)
• Home Learning Cards (50 copies)