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PreK-K Comprehension


Parent Workshop Survival Kit: Comprehension

Grades Pre-K-Kindergarten

With just a few clicks, you are well on your way to a perfectly planned parent involvement workshop for the parents of your Pre-K through kindergarten students. The CD’s included in this kit provide everything you need – from a colorful invitation and parent evaluations to a teacher script and workshop slideshow.  The kit also includes 30 Story Time Strategies Home Literacy Cards (workshop handout) to be given to parents as a reminder of how to use the strategies at home. Through this customizable literacy workshop, parents will learn how to make the most of story time by helping their young children:

  • Preview a story to make predictions
  • Develop phonological awareness and listening skills
  • Retell a story to strengthen comprehension and story sense

Each Kit Includes:
Planning Guide CD
   • Overview
   • Week-by-Week Planner
   • Teacher Script
   • Parent Invitation (English & Spanish)
   • Reminder Flyer (English & Spanish)
   • Sign In Sheet
   • Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)

Presentation CD
   • Workshop Slideshow

Home Literacy Cards (set of 30)