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TAG... You're It!
Yearlong Parent Engagement Initiative

Grades K-5

TAG...You’re It! kits allow schools to easily keep parents engaged in their child’s literacy development all year long. Kick-off the TAG…You’re It! family engagement initiative with the included video that explains the initiative while motivating families to become part of their child’s learning “team.”  

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Spectacular School Race
Transition to Kindergarten

Grades PreK-K

The Spectacular School Race is a fast-paced, fun-filled parent involvement/kindergarten orientation event in which PreK-K families “race” around the school in friendly competition with other families. Parents and children work together to complete academic challenges in hopes to be the first to cross the finish line.  

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Treasure Hunt Family Fun Event

Never fear, me hearties... everything you need to transport your school to a time of pirate ships and hidden treasure and increase parent involvement is buried deep inside this Family Fun Event CD. This planning CD includes decorating ideas, pirate scripts and even treasure hunt clue cards to help your implement every last detail and ensure that the loot and the most important treasure, parental involvement, will be discovered. So, climb aboard and raise the Jolly Roger as you sail the Seven Seas with your students and their parents during this fun-filled, family engagement event.

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