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Benjamin Bradley Benton


Benjamin Bradley Benton (Children's Book)

Benjamin Bradley Benton wonders why he has ten wiggly fingers and ten wiggly toes; why his nose turns red when he is sick or when it snows. In Benjamin’s world, curiosity rules. And in sharing his wonder, we learn more about ourselves, others and our world.


There’s more to story time than just reading aloud!

Parents can begin to easily incorporate literacy and math strategies used by the most effective educators of young children by using the StoryTime Strategies and StoryTime Activities found within this book.

Benjamin Bradley Benton uses strategy symbols that are placed within the story for parents to assist them with developing vocabulary and strengthen comprehension each time they read aloud.
• Word Wizard: Targets unfamiliar words or words with more than one meaning
• Cosmic Connections: Focuses on making meaningful connections with a story based on prior knowledge or experiences

These strategies, plus the additional activities included in the back of the book, assist parents in teaching reading and math readiness skills when reading with children as young as two. Rather than just giving a book to students, teachers can use Benjamin Bradley Benton to help them model and practice the StoryTime Strategies with parents during:
• Kindergarten Orientation
• Literacy Workshops
• Parent Conferences
• Parent Involvement Activities
Great for Title I schools, Headstart and districts with parent involvement initiatives!