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Anytime Anywhere Learning Handouts

These cards enable schools to take reading initiatives beyond simply giving students take-home reading to actually empowering parents with skills that make learning happen anytime and pencil or paper required! These parent handouts are great to pair with our Interactive Summer Journals.


“Anytime, Anywhere Learning” handouts empower families to:

  • Support grade specific comprehension skills while reading with their children or through daily family conversations
  • Generalize higher order thinking questions beyond the pages of a book
  • Develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills in their children
  • Incorporate learning all summer long through everyday activities

Available for the following grades:

PreK: Making connections (text-to-self),critical thinking (analysis), distinguishing real and make believe.

Kindergarten: Summarizing, critical thinking (evaluation), character analysis.

1st Grade: Making connections (text-to-text), critical thinking (evaluation), problem and solution.

2nd Grade: Summarizing, critical thinking (evaluation), character traits.

3rd Grade: Summarizing, critical thinking (synthesis), distinguishing fact and opinion.

4th Grade: Summarizing, critical thinking (analysis),character analysis.

5th Grade: Summarizing, author’s purpose, critical thinking (evaluation).