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TAG... You're It!
Yearlong Parent Engagement Initiative

Grades K-5

TAG...You’re It! kits allow schools to easily keep parents engaged in their child’s literacy development all year long. Kick-off the TAG…You’re It! family engagement initiative with the included video that explains the initiative while motivating families to become part of their child’s learning “team.”  

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Training Workshop

Train the Trainer

This two day staff development is designed to equip schools and/or districts with a singular trainer or team of trainers certified to present the Perfectly Planned Parent Events workshop with colleagues at an individual school and/or district. Upon completion of the Train the Trainer staff development, trainers will be able to:

Treasure Hunt Parent Involvement Event

Never fear, me hearties, Everyday Engagement consultants, dressed as swash-buckling pirates, will help you lead parents and students on a jolly treasure hunt through your school in search of hidden treasure. School staff will join in the hunt by donning pirate attire, decorating the schools and providing “hidden treasure” (treat bags) for each child participating. Throughout the treasure hunt, children must conquer a reading or mathematical challenge in order to earn clues that will lead them to the treasure.

Staff Development

Parent Engagement Training

Perfectly Planned Parent Events training empowers teachers with the resources they need to connect learning in the classroom to learning at home. Educational consultants, Laura Beaver and Jill Nolen, help schools analyze their parent events and use parental involvement research as a tool to increase student performance. Highlighting easy-to-implement strategies and techniques, participants will develop parent events that engage hard-to-reach parents and enhance the learning of their students.