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Grades 2-5 Fluency


Parent Workshop Survival Kit: Fluency

Grades 2-5

Research shows that there is a strong correlation between a child’s ability to read fluently and effectively comprehend a text. Family engagement in the area of fluency is critical, but easy to achieve with this literacy workshop kit. No need to create anything, the Planning Guide CD includes a everything…ready-made invitations, reminder flyers, parent evaluations and more. A teacher script, workshop slideshow and parent handouts are also provided to help you teach parents how they can help their children:

  • Preview and make predictions about events in the story
  • Monitor comprehension while reading
  • Develop interpretation skills by thinking beyond.

Each parent will also walk away with a Take Time to Think Home Literacy Card (workshop handout) to ensure that the strategies are effectively implemented at home and increase parent involvement. This literacy workshop can be customized to fit your time frame ranging from 30 minutes to a one hour session. 


With just a few clicks, you are well on your way to a perfectly planned parent involvement fluency workshop for the parents of your 3rd-5th grade. Through this workshop parents will learn how to:

  • Select appropriate sentences for fluency practice
  • Model fluent reading for their children
  • Monitor their child during fluency practice
  • Provide guidance and feedback to improve fluency skills


Each Kit Includes:
Planning Guide CD
   • Overview
   • Week-by-Week Planner
   • Teacher Script
   • Parent Invitation (English & Spanish)
   • Reminder Flyer (English & Spanish)
   • Sign In Sheet
   • Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)

Presentation CD
   • Workshop Slideshow

Home Literacy Cards (set of 30)