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Amazing Art Show


Amazing Art Show

Even a few scribbles can be transformed into a masterpiece when you host the Amazing Art Show family engagement event at your school. This Family Fun Event CD will help guide you in deciding whether to line the hallways or fill the media center and gym with original works of art from the students of all ages. The organizing and managing section of the CD give you a variety of ideas that will help you establish an art show atmosphere and keep everything running smoothly in order to truly create a red carpet event. Proud parents will fill your school and stay engaged throughout this unique parent involvement event as they catch a glimpse of each masterpiece.

CD Includes:
• Week-by-Week Planning Guide
• Organizing the Event
• Managing the Event
• Parent Invitation (English & Spanish)
• Reminder Flyer (English & Spanish)
• Sign-In Sheet
• Parent Evaluation (English & Spanish)
• Summary Report