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Children's Books

Benjamin Bradley Benton

Benjamin Bradley Benton

Benjamin Bradley Benton wonders why he has ten wiggly fingers and ten wiggly toes; why his nose turns red when he is sick or when it snows. In Benjamin’s world, curiosity rules. And in sharing his wonder, we learn more about ourselves, others and our world.


There’s more to story time than just reading aloud!

Parents can begin to easily incorporate literacy and math strategies used by the most effective educators of young children by using the StoryTime Strategies and StoryTime Activities found within this book.


Into the Tub

Into the Tub Children's Book

Young children will have fun getting into – and out of – the tub with Sadie. A precocious mouse with a mind of her own, the defiant Sadie is gently coaxed into a bath and later into bed by her patient mommy.